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MyFemdomLife is a blog I started to share my personal journey in a female-led relationship, and share information on female dominance, male submission, kink, and BDSM in general. Iris will add his journey as the submissive male, but the primary voice will be mine, the dominant female. If you hate romance, epic displays of affection, and all things nerdy and geeky, then might I suggest you find a blog dedicated to pictures of roadkill. You won’t like this one.

I mainly wanted to dispel the myth that female dominants are always into whips, latex, leather, cuckolding, humiliation, chastity, financial domination, acting bitchy and better than men, and all the other things that are so prevalent in FemDom porn. Sure, those things have their place (I do enjoy latex) but it’s not all that common for couples to live that way for any real length of time, let alone 24/7.  Iris and I defy a lot of those stereotypes. We are very mushy, and are in a committed long-term relationship that we both expect to last until we’re old and wrinkly, and we’re totally, completely, entirely in love with each other.

There is also proven advice on how to meet a dominant woman on this page. If you are new to BDSM, or you haven’t had much luck finding a partner, I suggest reading the information found on that page. It’s a collection of my own personal experiences along with advice written by submissive men.


Use this contact form to reach to me: and yes, I read your emails, it might take some time however.


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11 thoughts on “New? Start here.

  1. Hello
    I just read “The FemDom Relationship Guide” and it was amazing. It opening my soul to my submission. One of the smartest books I have read on the subject.
    Does Ms Peel have another writings / blogs / social media that I could follow? I would enjoy more of her writings.
    Thank you


      • Yes, you can contact me at . I see Ms Peel has another book listed on Goodreads. Its called “The FemDom Relationship Guide: How Submissive Men and Strong Women Can Have Successful Long-Term Relationships”. However, I can’t find it on the Amazon Canada site. If possible, would you help me make arrangements to purchase a copy? Thanks Craig


  2. According to Goodreads, there is a second book she has authored. The description is similar so perhaps it is just an earlier version. Thanks for checking.


  3. I just found this book and loved it. I read about jack and his journey into this world on the blog many years ago. I remember(?) a part on jack being kenneled for awhile did I remember right? Big fan of you both and your stories. Thanks for sharing.


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