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Going pro

After over a year of deliberation, I’ve decided to look into professional domination. Not full time, and not full service. I’ll have a limited list of services offered, and since I don’t work as is, any income from it will go back into purchasing more toys and other items needed, as “mad money” for me, and into savings.

I do have a name picked out, and am working on what sort of style I want to project. I really suck at not being myself, so I’m thinking the “this is me, take it or leave it” approach will probably work best, especially with a limited list of services offered. Oh, and just to point it out, absolutely nothing sexual. I will not perform anal of any kind. I’ll never be nude or scantily-clad. If I won’t get sexual even with a play partner, I’m damn sure not doing it with a client.

Oh and Iris is totally on board with it, for the record.

So, why ProDomme, and why now? It’s pretty simple: I’m a sadist. I need my sadism to be asked for in order to hurt someone. What could possibly say, “Hurt me,” better than offering payment for it? It’s win/win. I have my fun, he has his fun, and we part happy (at least I hope so!). While it is basically service topping, I’m quite ok with that. I’ll still enjoy it. It’s one reason why I don’t necessarily need submission in a play partner – it’s the masochism that counts. I’ve recently allowed myself to be okay with emotional masochism as well (that’s a post for another time), so humiliation and degredation are on the table now as well (in both a client and play partner sense). Of course, I do still have my personal limits (no age play, no bodily fluids, no sex of any kind, to name a few).

This will likely be the only time I even mention that here, or under this ID at all, as it’s not something that really exists within my personal dynamic with Iris, so there’s just not much to say about it on a blog geared towards personal relationships. I’d initially decided to not mention it at all and if someone made the connection, that’d be okay, but it’s really not like me to hide parts of myself.

I’ll be happy to answer any questions, but I’d appreciate those coming through my “questions/contact” forms.

7 thoughts on “Going pro

  1. My massage therapist became my Domme whenever I got a wild hair to have a session. She was a horsewoman and had a dressage whip and really knew how to inflict pain with it. She was also a nudist showing off her body at the beach. She was also skilled with a strapon using them on some of her lady clients.
    She enjoyed whipping me first then lay me sideways over her massage table and screw the liver out of my ass. Very intense lady yet she could give me the most sensual massage ever.


  2. Great article and I hope everything has been going well as a prodomme 🙂 By becoming a prodomme you’re playing a fulfilling a very important need by allowing beta male subs to worship a beautiful woman like you. Your sadism should add extra spice to your domination.


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