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Can a man wearing a tutu be sexy?

This showed up on my facebook feed. I tried to find the original photo, but didn’t have much luck. I like the picture for two things: Hot men, wearing tutus.

I don’t usually like men in women’s clothing. It’s a turn-off the vast majority of the time. This though? Hot. I can’t even explain why, it just is. I don’t want to dress Iris up in a tutu or anything, and am 99% sure that I never will, but on these fine gentlemen, it works. (Of course, now I’m wondering why they are prancing around in tutus inside what looks to be a basketball stadium. Did they lose a bet? Their form tells me they aren’t trained ballet dancers. I’m going to pretend they are putting on a show for a group of Dommes. Yeah, that’s it.)



2 thoughts on “Can a man wearing a tutu be sexy?

  1. I love “my femdom life” I read your article on Cosmo, and I couldn’t agree more. Where does a man find a beautiful femdom man, that will allow him to wear panties and worship her body. I am getting divorced because my wife didn’t like that kind of lifestyle, so she is divorcing me. Please help me find a Femdom woman. It’s not like there is a match makers for femdoms. I would so greatly appreciate a response from you. 

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