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What arouses a Dominant Woman?

Here is the website that talks about Sexual Arousal Types. Before I took the arousal type test, I guessed that I was The Attractor Type, but followed very closely by The Cognitive Type. I like to be noticed. I want to put on sexy lingerie and I want Iris to feel like he’s unwrapping the Best Christmas Present Ever when he takes my clothes off. I want to be appreciated and told I’m sexy and beautiful, and I want Iris to notice when I go out of my way to look sexier (yeah yeah, I know I’m still sexy in my pajamas, but noticing when I’m all done up is hardly a bad thing).

But I’m also really turned on by specific words and scenarios. I think that’s why phone sex has ended up working well for me, as I’ve found that talking dirty to Iris and describing things I’d like to do to him is incredibly hot.

So, I finally got my arousal type, and apparently know myself quite well:


That’s kind of hard to see. It says:

(minimal= not a significant part of your arousal; mild = an element in your arousal; moderate = a significant part of your arousal; strong = a prominent, but not yet dominant, part of arousal; dominant = the majority of your arousal)

Dominant: You get your main erotic buzz from your partner’s desire for you. There is no bigger aphrodisiac than being seen as sexy. Dressing up is an arousing activity with a common fantasy that your partner is overwhelmed with desire for you.

Mild: You incorporate some visual fantasy and imagination into your sexual arousal. Specific sexual acts arouse you, with intensity and newness being a part of your erotic charge.

Minimal Intimate

Minimal Sensualist

Pretty damn spot on, I’d say.

2 thoughts on “What arouses a Dominant Woman?

  1. There is an error in the link. I was still able to try the test after correcting the address manually. You may want to update that. I liked the test and hope I can use this to learn more!!


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