Femdom life

Sex in the bathroom

The night starts with an hour of teasing him in a shared bath. Kept hard, kept wanting. Hands and mouth kept off of me; bath toys are passive after all. After awhile, my hands get tired, but I’m nowhere near done.

“What should we do next?”

A flick of his nipple. A pinch. A twist. A bite. A grimace of pain.

“This will only get worse until I hear suggestions for what to do next…”


“I suppose ‘whatever you want’ isn’t an acceptable answer?”

Pinch. “No.”


“…..boy…. plugging?…”


“And then what?”


“I… don’t know….”

“Well I’m thinking…. we could try that new strap-on…”



“Get out then. I think we are sufficiently pruney.”

I remove the tags from the black lace Velvet Nest harness and slip it on; so easy compared to my corset harness. No snaps or o-rings to fumble with.

I pick up the dildo and wave it at him, a reminder: “If you complain at any point…. I’m slapping you on the forehead with this.” I’m sure he’s absolutely terrified.

A shorter bed than mine at home, I easily stand behind him as he is on the bed on all fours in front of me. It feels natural, and I soon settle into a comfortable pace, the Velvet Nest working better than my other harness; a good investment, for sure. I go until my legs are sore, appreciating the view of his pale skin bare before me. We try it with him on his back, but it’s uncomfortable and painful for him that way, so we stop. I get entirely naked and plant myself on his face, but can only stay there for so long before his facial hair stubble is painful. By this point I need to orgasm, and as always, he has the perfect tool for that; I swear he was made to fit inside me.

Ten minutes later, neither of us can move or think or do more than breath heavy. And there was no complaining this time. ❤

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