Femdom life

Letters to a masochist

I want to give you bruises that don’t fade for a week.

I want to think, “I hope the neighbors don’t call the cops.”

I want to rub my hand over your flesh that’s hot to the touch.

I want to be sore the next day from that much energy expended.

I want to be the answer to your needs.

I want this hypothetical you to exist, to find me, to say, “yes,” and “more,” and, “please.”

If I feel like I’ve waited a lifetime for you, it’s because I have. Already I feel jaded.

Come into existence for me.


4 thoughts on “Letters to a masochist

  1. Would I not be an old married man and I might have been what you waited for during a lifetime. Supposing, of course, I could be now a little more clever than I have ever been in the past. My traditional education and all the myths regarding masculinity made me not to understand that I just needed someone to command me, to whom I might say «yes», and «more», and «please».


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