Femdom and worship / How to be a dominant woman

Punishment for a bad boy

Sometimes, just talking about problems over and over again doesn’t work to change anything.

Sometimes, subs just don’t listen, and they do what they want, over and over again.

Sometimes, taking away privileges just doesn’t work, apparently.

So sometimes, boys get red butts.


No, I’ve never hit him as punishment before. No, I don’t intend to make it a habit.


He just said, “My butt still feels toasty.”

Serves him right.


3 thoughts on “Punishment for a bad boy

  1. Subs must be punished if they fail in their duties to their Mistress, etc… I usually get a crop several times across the butt. Course my butt is always hairless wonder if hair would lessen the sting… I will never know tho


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