Femdom and worship / Femdom life

My obsession with Molko

Brian Molko is the singer for Placebo, which is a band I discovered when I was 16 and saw Cruel Intentions for the first time. Their song, Every You, Every Me, sucked me in immediately. I was goth back then (well ok, and still a little bit today, although nowadays I’d be “emo”) and everything about this band appealed to me.

But anyway. Brian Molko. OMG. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. EVER. Sorry Iris, but he beats even you. I watch the video for Taste in Men entirely too often. I could watch him walk all day. Just walk. That’s it.

I’m not normally drawn to the androgynous look, but something about Brian’s look and style is just incredibly appealing. I want to hurt him, take him and tie him up, spank him and scratch him and bite him, fuck him until I’m spent and then bend him over and fuck him until he’s spent. I want to leave marks, write how beautiful he is on him in Sharpie, run my hands through his hair then yank his head back and kiss the hell out of him.

That’s totally normal, right?


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