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What came in the mail today?

The Velvet Nest strap-on harness I ordered. Seems to fit well, and the dildo feels secure in it. Will hopefully test it out in a few days.


2 thoughts on “What came in the mail today?

  1. Very nice. Really be able to give your sub a good pounding with it. Being locked in chastity all the time and getting to cum so little I love it when my Mistress( partner) we just married last month. Pounds my sissy pussy at the end of one of our long sessions and after I’ve accomplished all her sexual service orders of course. She’s so good to me tho she always unlocks my clit for these sessions tho I usually don’t get to cum. Love the new toy she got a while back for the harness that I mentioned in a comment vibrating, ejaculating dildo .. its awesome . She loves using it on me also, with the usual degrading emasculating talk. Here’s a idea for you to try if you want, get different toy, one you’d like and have your sub put on the harness to pleasure you. Very emasculating, submissive.

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