Femdom and worship

The Army and the wrenches they throw

In one phone call, all my plans changed.

Korea. 12 months.

When Iris called me, I was just briefly angry, then just sad. We sat on the phone and cried. I cried off and on all night. I go into survival mode when some big chance occurs, so that’s where I’m at now. Triage the damage, make a plan, execute it.


  1. I can visit him, and he can visit me. It’s like being stationed in Kansas, if Kansas was halfway around the world. He will get leave time like normal, or so it looks so far.
  2. It’s not Afghanistan, which was the other option we dodged. That would have been bad.
  3. Korea is like, the most connected place anywhere, so he will have awesome internet service, making things that were impossible from Iraq a snap to do from Korea (like Skype and playing Xbox together).
  4. I get to spend two months (including Thanksgiving and Christmas) with him before he leaves, and I can (will!) be there for his sendoff.
  5. My last day at work is still this Friday. I don’t have to go back to work even though I’m no longer quitting in order to prepare for the move to be with him; now I’m quitting to be able to travel to see him and spend more time with my daughter. Perhaps take some college courses, or find something else to do to occupy my time. I don’t really want anything that puts time constraints on me, as I want to be free to travel.
  6. He is in the service for a year less than he we had planned, which means we will move to Seattle far sooner.


  1. It’s fucking halfway-around-the-world Korea.
  2. I so won’t get laid often enough.
  3. Kink and D/s will again be something I get in small doses.

I like lists. This is a pretty good list. The pros outweigh the cons!


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