Femdom and worship

What to do with latex

There’s something I don’t know.

You’re shocked by this revelation, I know. I’ll give you a minute to compose yourself and rearrange your world view.

Ready yet?


Ok. Well. I’m continuing anyway. So, as you have probably noticed, latex comes into play with Iris and I rather frequently. I own a latex dress, a catsuit, a pair of gloves, and a corset. I like all of them. I look good in all of them. I’d like to have more latex that I look good in because, well, I like things I look good in. Iris has his catsuit and corsets, and he looks damn good in them. We make a pretty good sight all rubbered up together.

Here’s the thing though – I’m not a latex fetishist, and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. Every time we play in latex, we get naked, get lubed up, squeeze into the outfits (my catsuit was made too small, so it’s really hard to get into, and impossible for me to do by myself) and unless we’ve prenegotiated the scene, my brain races and fumbles to try and figure out the “what now?” So we do… stuff… mostly involving making out and some groping, then we have to peel the latex back off, shower to get the lube off, and then have sex. Or whatever. We thought rubbery fucking would be hot, but there’s something you don’t realize about that: rubber squeaks, and that’s not sexy. At all. And rubber sticks to rubber. Our attempts at rubbery fucking sounded like two yellow bath ducks getting it on. We vetoed that plan pretty quick.

I’m use to doing anything sexual in various states of undress (and BDSM for me IS about sex). The idea behind latex, catsuits in particular, is to put more on, not take more off. What the fuck am I suppose to do with that? I mean… we’re covered up. All the fun bits are hidden. I can’t bite, or scratch. Licking is acceptable but, well, I’m licking rubber, and that is kinda weird. It doesn’t taste bad or anything, but it’s like giving a blowjob with a condom. You get bonus points for safe sex, but sexy it ain’t.

I guess, to Iris, it is though. And I just don’t understand it. For me, naked is sexy. Slightly naked is also sexy. Completely covered? That’s a challenge. That says, “How fast can you undress me?” I don’t think that’s what Iris is going for with the full-coverage thing though. And I know that me in rubber is hot for him and I don’t want to deny him that.

I want to be able to incorporate latex into our play in a way that is fun for both of us. I just have no clue what that could be, and I’ve asked him in the past but I definitely don’t feel like I have any answers. I need specific examples of actual things to do, not vagueness. It may end up being something that we are just never on quite the same page with, which would be sad, but I’d understand. I just want to know what about it that is so appealing to him, and what, if anything, I could do to make it fun for us.


2 thoughts on “What to do with latex

  1. Funny how things always work out in the fantasy run thorough but when put into practice, just fall flat.
    I’m with you… less is more. Love the feel of skin on skin 🙂


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