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Things to do to a male sub in public

This post is inspired by whoever found my blog by searching for “things to do to male sub in public.”

I don’t think he (or she) found the answer they were looking for here. I don’t do public kink. I don’t require Iris be overtly submissive to me when not in private. He doesn’t have a collar he wears in public. I don’t make him go out to dinner wearing a butt plug or chastity device or a pair of women’s underwear. He isn’t required to call me by any special name or honorific in public, or well even in private, but he calls me Ma’am anyway cause we just both like it and it fits our dynamic. He isn’t required to wait for me to start eating before he can, or wait for me to tell him what he’s ordering, or do any other kind of protocol.

We really are only dominant and submissive in the privacy of our homes. There are times when I think it could be fun to take that outside, and we’ve talked about a few ways we could do that, but with our in-person time limited to a few days every couple of months, kink just doesn’t take priority. When we are together, there’s often my daughter or friends with us, so a lot of things just wouldn’t be practical, such as having him wear his corset under his shirt. That sounds like a really bad idea when a 9-year-old might suddenly decide she’s tired and needs to be carried.

I did make him the bracelet you see linked to at the end of this post, but it broke and I haven’t made a new one yet. Other than that, I… got nothing. I have always rejected protocols, as they feel stuffy and boring to me, like the anti-us, as we are mushy, cuddly, romantic, spontaneous, and goofy.

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22 thoughts on “Things to do to a male sub in public

  1. My Mistress/ fiance has always loved public humiliation of me , arouses her, and not at first but arouses me now. Trying on clothes, shoes,mani/ pedi with her at salon, lingerie shopping including a few bra fittings.

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      • That’s interesting, lots into cuckolding, not for us tho but great for those who enjoy it. I mean again mostly complete sexual service as a sissy sub our thing . Licking until told to stop, Of course the number 1 sissy sub thing ass licking but she’s always showered. Using her toys on her as ordered, strapping on very my sissy clit as she calls it and doing positions, speed etc always as ordered. I’m not allowed to penetrate her often tho. Can only cum also when ordered/ allowed. But she says she’s gets all the orgasms, sexual satisfaction she needs in what we do . The big strap on bbc I use on her feels pretty real, of course nothing like real thing but she loves it, her rabbit etc.. and says it fills her up good, of course making reference to my small size, and that I don’t have a cock now but a sissy clit. We love it but cuckolding really is a form of same thing but using real man to humiliate, please the woman . Stephie


      • In truth we have had some mixed reactions from cuckolding but mostly they have been positive experiences. Hubby likes to be humiliated in front of women but not so much in front of men. Yet he gets very excited when he sees me get excited and having a new man or two + men is definitely exciting for me.

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    • We do our , my public humiliations out of town, small community. Stuff like nail salon where we both get mani/ pedi but she picks the color and I’m dressed usually. Bra fittings, lingerie shopping, trying on heels, dresses, skirts always with a sales girls help making it know their for me, her sissy fiance’ Really mostly get giggles, laughs, questions about lifestyle , they like a lot of the services I’m required to perform, cooking, cleaning, massages, mani/ pedi, food scrubs etc…

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