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Is penis size important in female-led relationships?

To the person who found my blog by searching “do i need a big penis to post on fetlife”…. the answer to that would be no, with a side of “because not many people there will care about your penis.”

I mean, I don’t know you, or your penis, but I imagine it is just like all the other penises out there. There’s a pair of balls attached, there’s some hair, there may or may not be foreskin, it grows and shrinks with stimulation and temperature fluctuations, and you likely think way more of it than anyone else does. It’s a penis. It’s not special. Somewhere out there is a girl (or guy, or both, depending on which way you swing) who will think your penis is special, but the rest of us just really don’t care.

I admit to liking penis. A lot. But not just any penis. I like Iris’s penis. It’s a very nice one. It’s fun to play with and it feels good. Any other penis is just an appendage, no better or worse than an arm or finger or ear.


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