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Review: Lelo Insignia Soraya Pleasure Object

I stumbled upon a vibrator I really, really wanted two weeks ago. Iris, being the awesome guy he is, bought it for me from Amazon (half the price it’s sold for at Adam & Eve), and it arrived today. I charged it, which really only took about an hour, and after our nightly phone call, I gave it a test run. Here’s my review:

Looks: This thing is pretty. The model he bought me is black and gold. Like jewelry. I could probably pass it as a piece of contemporary art if I wanted to display it.

Ergonomics: It is, by far, the most ergonomic sex toy I’ve ever encountered. There was nothing uncomfortable about positioning it into place, whether that was just on the clit, or inserted. The usual forearm cramps that accompany attempts to insert *anything* just weren’t there. I mean, seriously. Holding the Soraya felt incredibly natural, as if it was just an extension of myself.

Power: It didn’t have the power I expected a $134 vibrator to have. When used on the clit alone, there was definitely a lot of oomph, but once inserted, it was just… good. I could feel the vibrations, but they weren’t that intense. If you don’t like intense, then great! I however need a lot of power in a vibrator. Most of the ones I’ve bought were too weak to do more than tickle me.

Feel: When inserted, it is rather hard, similar to most vibrators that are insertable. That was a little uncomfortable at times, but that could also be that I’m… well this isn’t a brag, actually it’s kind of annoying, but I have a tight vagina. It also is kind of long, so I had that “bottoming out” feeling if I pushed too far in, which isn’t a feeling I particularly like. This may be more to do with how petite I am in general than a flaw with the Soraya. I was hoping for something that would stimulate both the g-spot and the clit at the same time. It took some doing, but eventually I got it pretty close to just that. Now, I’ve had issues with toys that are suppose to “fit” being too long/big, so again, this could be just my anatomy.

Cons: I think (hope) mine may be slightly dysfunctional, as there were times when it started kind of shuddering while vibrating, and that was very distracting and probably the main reason it took so long to reach orgasm. I am going to email their customer support department to ask about this.

Miscellaneous things: It comes with a warranty, and you have to register the product with Lelo to qualify for that. It’s a 10 year warranty. For a fucking sex toy. That’s kind of insane.

Overall: Normally, I’ll get off in 5-15 minutes with a vibrator. It took 40 minutes. Given that this was my first try with it, and I wasn’t really aroused to begin with, I’m not going to call this a fail, but I did expect something to happen sooner. Even when I’m not really aroused, but want a “I’m stressed and need some release” orgasm, 15 minutes is usually the max time it takes with my current vibe or just my hands.

Overall, I think this will be a good addition to my toy bag. It’s not going to replace my current vibrator. It will be much easier to use with Iris, or for him to use on me when he’s service topping me. If I had to give it a rating, on a scale of 1-10, I’d give it a 6, mainly for how ergonomic it is. Given it’s stellar reviews online, I’m also willing to concede that it may just be my anatomy that is incompatible with most sex toys rather than a flaw in the toy design.

Update: Any subsequent attempts to use it resulted in the “shuddering” that I felt the first time.

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