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Lube and vibrators

I noticed a few months back that my favorite brand of lube, Wet, was no longer sold in stores around here. Fearing that it had been deemed to be radioactive and my vagina would be sprouting hair and an eyeball in a few years from extensive moderate use of it, I went searching on Adam & Eve for a suitable replacement.

I found my beloved Wet, which appears to be non-radioactive after all, but what I also found were recommendations from Adam & Eve on products which I “may also need” to go with a 10.5 oz bottle of lube:

Adam & Eve Ultra Thin Condoms 13 pack Dozens $6.95  (Wait…. 13-pack dozens. 13. Dozen. Doesn’t compute.)

Sunshine Highway DVD DVD $24.95 (“Bree makes her debut in the Wild West as a horny cowgirl.” Look, just because I live in the southwest doesn’t mean I want to watch cowboy porn.)

Triple Clit Flicker Vibrating Cock Ring $19.95  (Triple clit! For those ladies with not one, not two, but three clits to simultaneously stimulate!)

Anyway. While there, I decided to browse around the vibrator section. I’m not a huge fan of them, but they do serve a purpose in my mostly non-existent sex life. That is when I found what appears to be the Cadillac of vibrators. The Lelo Insignia Soraya Pleasure Object.
Here is what it does:
• Stimulator buzzes your clit for intense thrills
• Vibrating tip pleases your whole pussy

• Dual vibrator motors deliver extra power, intensity
• Pick from 8 different vibration patterns, each with 9 levels of intensity
• Extremely quiet but strong vibrator motor for discreet thrills
• Splashproof for use in the shower
• Made from silicone for health and durability
• Measures 1.25 inches across and 5 inches long, insertable
• Stylish and ergonomic design puts controls at your fingertips
• No need to buy batteries – just recharge it when you’re done
• A full charge will last up to 4 hours of continuous use
• Satin storage bag, decorative brooch and detailed user manual included (do vibrators really need a user manual, let alone a detailed one?)
• Protected by Adam & Eve’s Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy
• Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

The only downfall of this particular vibrator is the price tag – $219. But then I think about all the money I’ve spent on other vibrators that were either just ok, or downright fail, and I’ve spent waaay more than $219. I have a Lelo now, and it’s going strong after about four years of steady use. If that’s not a testament to a good product, I don’t know what is.

Someone should buy me this so I can review it. You know, purely for educational purposes.

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