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Christmas for deviants

I keep a small black notebook in my purse so that when I think of something I need to do/buy/want to remember, I can write it down in the notebook. There is a page near the front of the book with a shopping list titled “Christmas for Deviants.” The list looks so far like this:

Spreader Bar
Silicon Dildos
Rings to attach to headboard [so that I can easily attach the d-rings on Iris’s wrist cuffs to my headboard, the rings will drop down out of sight when not in use]

With us keeping separate homes in separate states for the time being, it’s easiest if we both have implements of deviance so that neither of us have to travel with loads of bondage gear/adult items. We both have locking heavy rubber cuffs. I have the headboard to attach him to, he has an underbed restraint system. He also has the straightjacket at his apartment. I’ll have the spreader bar here for use with (or maybe without) the headboard. I’m going to get him a canvas sleep sack for Christmas since he enjoys heavy bondage. It has zippers so that I can access his various parts. I’m getting “his and hers” anal plugs (mine vibrates) and dildos. To make things obvious as to ownership, everything of his is black, and mine is purple. I found a thigh harness for use with a strap-on, which I imagine will be lots of fun. I am so excited to order (and use!) all of it!

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