Femdom life / How to be a dominant woman

The sex life of a mistress

We’ve been talking about how I don’t feel wanted, and it seems like he just isn’t that interested in any aspect of sex, and what we need to do to get past some of that, because frankly, I’m not going to be happy with someone that just kinda wants to fuck me, and like I told Iris, I kind of like feeling objectified every now and then (as in, feel like an object of desire, not “plz use me as a table kthnx”).


So yesterday he mentioned feeling aggressive, and how much he just really wanted to fuck me. No kink, no latex, just sex. He even mentioned doing me from behind, which he has never shown any interest in and the one time we tried it, it didn’t work for… well I’m not sure why exactly. It just didn’t work. But that comment stuck with me all night, and was one reason why I had trouble sleeping (kind of hard to sleep when you’re all wound up and missing someone). Which brings me to texts from this morning:

Oh BTW, your comment about fucking me from behind didn’t help my ability to sleep any either. 

Sad yay?

No just yay 

I’d rather you be sleeping though. You look so happy and content when resting.

Iris, that was the first time you’d ever said something in regards to sex with me that wasn’t vague or vanilla. That was worth way more than just lost sleep.

Well. Yay.

I want to know that you want me. I haven’t felt much like you did so hearing it was awesome.

Well. I do want you. And knowing how you work, fucking you and only hearing the heavy breathing is yay.  As it means you’re going to get off. And that makes me so hard just thinking about it. [and that will be the source of my lack of focus at work today, not the lack of sleep]

As it should. 

That said, I do like my sleep.

So clearly the answer is wearing you out first. And giving me a bit of a workout too

Probably the best course of action.

Well. I like you relaxed and happy

And well fucked Femis are both of those.


Cute tangent: watching same dangerous animal show. Adorable part: BEAGLE HERD!!!!

and I’m enjoying the aggressive thing. As just yeah. Is yay.

Well, keep it up then. 

And buy me a beagle herd.

They had a VoiceOver but I have to imagine it sounds like beagle?beaglebeaglebeagle.

Also now I has ideas.

What kind of ideas?

I kinda want to keep it a surprise. I mean it’s not going to be earth shattering but it’s like, I’d like it if you just let me do things to you.   Also youtubed beagle puppies.  So about to look into a herd.

Lol yay dog herd.

And I’d like for you to just do things to me. I was serious when I say I’d like to bottom to you. And so long as you don’t do anything ouchy to my sensitive butt, I can’t imagine anything you’d do that I’d hate. 

Or really, just do stuff to me. Period.

Well. Yay.

Everytime you text that, I read it as a kind of apathetic or unsure response.

Well boo.   As I’m so plotting. I’m worried that it’s not going to be exciting/epic just because you’re more experienced. But still. I’m excited at the prospect of being more aggressive with you.

What matters most to me is that I can see that you want it and don’t feel like you’re just doing me a favor. Technique can be learned. Desire has to be there from the start.

Well. I want you. And I want to leave you exhausted in the best ways

So yay for sex-positive progress.

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