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House rules for my sub servant

While Iris has general rules, I felt that we needed more specific ones for when we are together. Some are specific to my house, but the rest are to be followed any time we are together. I intend to print these out, frame them, and hang them in my bedroom. They’ll go in a drawer when he isn’t here so that my family, if they’re ever in my bedroom, won’t ask questions.


I didn’t want a big, long list. We are pretty much no protocol. Things like speech, eye, or furniture restrictions are so very much not us, at least not unless I am incorporating that into our play. We are far too mushy for “cuddled up on the couch together” to not be our default setting.

House Rules for my sub serving his mistress

  1. You must ask permission to use the computer. This is our time together, not time to check our email/forums/etc. This goes for using the internet on your phone as well.
  2. You will put the toilet seat down after use.

  3. You will remain attentive to me and available to be useful/helpful at all times. There is nothing you could be doing that is more important than what I might ask you do to when here.

  4. Any sentence you start with “We could…” or “Let’s do…” will land you in a world of trouble, along with any other attempt at taking control, unless you’ve been told or asked to make a choice. The acceptable way to offer ideas is to ask, “Would you like to…”

  5. Boys sleep naked. Get use to it.

  6. Problem: I like coffee, but I don’t like to brew the coffee. Solution: You brew the coffee every morning.

  7. My wine glass should never be empty, unless I’ve indicated that I don’t want anymore.

  8. It will be your responsibility to let the dogs in and out, especially in the morning.


3 thoughts on “House rules for my sub servant

  1. I like the brevity of it. Sometimes these things get too long and its too much to digest. As my rules and responsibilities get more comprehensive, I look for ways to suggest merging items. One example is that I also make and serve coffee. That extended to all hot beverages. Then serving drinks at meals. Eventually it was all rolled into ‘I make and serve all drinks on schedule or demand’.


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