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A morning without my sub

I am antsy waking up without him. I don’t do well when I’m left alone for weeks like this. I know it’s not his fault, or anyone’s, but I miss him and I want him and goddammit I can’t have him right now and I fucking want him right now. I wanted him an hour ago, a day ago, and I’ll want him when I wake up again tomorrow morning and all my mornings after, and it’s just such utter shit knowing that I will wake up alone again.


If he were here, I would wake up, roll over, crawl on top of him, bury my face in his neck, bite that tender spot where his neck meets his shoulder, lick my way up to his ear, bite hard there too, and I’d feel his hardness underneath me and I’d grind into it, and I’ve have that smirk on my face that I get when I’ve made him that way. I swear all I have to do is look at him and he’s hard and I love knowing that I did that, that was my doing, all me, and I want to hold his dick in my hand and ask him who is belongs to even though I know there’s only one answer. I want to tease him, bite and scratch and push at him, angry because there is no such thing as close enough but fuck if I’m not going to try to crawl right up inside him. I wouldn’t prolong the teasing too much because then I’d just be denying myself what I want and what I want is him inside me, our eyes closed, concentrating on the feelings of my hips rocking. At that moment, we are the only people alive that matter.

So I am so very antsy.


3 thoughts on “A morning without my sub

  1. What I especially like about this list that it communicates the emotional connection possible within a Femdom relationship. This is so often ignored just as it is in cuckolding. Without this connection, the experience isn’t the same. Beautiful post!


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