Femdom life / Writings By Iris

The great things about being a sub to my mistress

I thought it would be neat to have Iris write his own list of “details.”

It’s when Femi tells me I’m a good boy.
It’s that moment when personal space becomes our space.
It’s that look she gets when she’s plotting something.
It’s when she perks up when she’s excited.
That moment when her hand slips into mine and holds tight.
It’s that feeling of her warmth next to me in bed.
It’s listening when I’m rambling about nerd things.
It’s when she calls me pet.
It’s all those times she’s forgiven me for my failings, and her faith in me.
It’s when she’s straddling me, and tightening the collar around my neck.
When she dresses up for when we play, and just all the little extra steps she takes to make it “special.”
When she sexually harasses me out of the blue.
It’s when our geekiness meets and explodes into epic rambles of nerdom.

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