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How a slave can show his love for his mistress!

It’s when Iris calls me “love” in general conversation.

It’s when he replies with, “Yes ma’am.”

It’s when he says “It’s your right to…”

It’s the little noises he makes when I do fun things to him.

It’s the way his hands were designed to fit inside me just right.

It’s his enthusiasm of all things Femi.

It’s when he mentions me on his postings on Fetlife, or anywhere else.

It’s the random “I miss you” texts.


It’s getting out of bed after he’s all comfy to get me a drink of water.

It’s opening my car door.

It’s spending extra to get a gift to me on time.

It’s making me laugh when my day has sucked.

It’s when I say “yay” to something, and he responds with, “Yes you are.”

It’s when he lets me talk about my day before rambling about his.

It’s when he tells other people about me.

It’s when he rolls over and kisses me first thing in the morning.

It’s giving the towel to me to dry off first in the shower.


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