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What does ownership of a sub mean?

Seems some people don’t get that concept.

StupidGirlHeHadn’tTalkedToInMonthsAndHadNeverMetOrShownRealInterestIn   27F
Congratulations on being owned. : ) Does this mean I can’t come out and ravish you any more?

No. No you cannot.

Someone needs a lesson in respect, or perhaps taught the definition of “owned” and “in a relationship.”

I’m not one to be all “RAWR! IRIS MINE! YOU STAY AWAY!” *beats chest in show of dominance* But really,  when I tell you your question was inappropriate, don’t fucking tell me that “owned can have different definitions” and then suggest that Iris add “monogamous with” to his profile. It’s not necessary, and she’s the only person so far that doesn’t seem to get it, or has blatantly ignored that he is in fact taken. She’s been up his ass, following his posts for months, so she has most certainly noticed our progression from “dating” to “in a relationship” and clearly acknowledged his D/s status changing from “boy of” to “owned by.”

Owned means belonging to. Do I need to draw a diagram with stick figures for some people to get this?

(Ok, so I’m a bit bitchy and possibly juvenile tonight. Do I care? Not really. I’m mature 99.8% of the time. Let me have my .2%)


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