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I own my slave.

He called me his owner a few days ago. Out of the blue, unprompted.

I melted.

It fits. He fits. And god how I love him. Every last part of him, and it’s all mine. No questions, no doubt. He belongs to me. I feel overwhelmed in such an amazing way when I think about it. I have never felt a connection with anyone like I do with him, and I spent so many months standing by, gritting through the pain of Fakey, the pain of Iraq, the pain of his initial rejection, that for it all to be over now and there be only joy and happiness and us that I still have moments where I think, “Wow. How did we get here, and how did I get so lucky?”

I just fucking love him. I need him like I’ve never needed anything else before.

And totally random tidbit – this is my ringtone for when he calls. I think it’s fitting. I’ve never heard The Cure version, but I am a huge Anberlin fan and their version is way awesome.



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