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How sexy can men with corsets be?

I spent four days with Iris. Four days of waking up with his kisses, his arms around me, my body pressed against his, his breathe warm on my neck. We never popped right out of bed; we had no reason to. We had nowhere to be except next to each other, we had nothing to do except kiss and grope and kiss and say “I love you” and kiss and have that kind of awesome morning sex where we both know you look like shit but you don’t care, you want each other now, right fucking nowand there is nothing getting in the way of that because goddamnit you need each other.

We played video games, watched movies and tv shows, ate entirely too much fast food, had dinner with his friends, and had more sex than I thought possible for me (four times in the first 18 hours I was there!). His collar had arrived a couple days before I did, so when we didn’t have anywhere to be, I locked it on him. I liked to sit next to him, my hand on his neck, tracing the outline of the collar, the reminder that he is mine. I loved that when the collar came off, his neck still smelled of the leather.

We made time for kink, of course. I strapped him to the bed, bit and scratched and kissed and used him until I was done (which lasted all of maybe an hour before we were at it again). I strapped him into his straightjacket and we watched Snatch. I loved that he couldn’t touch me, couldn’t move his arms; I didn’t allow him to kiss me throughout the movie either which was way hotter than I thought it would be. We dressed up in our catsuits, corsets, and gasmasks, which was Iris’s first time seeing/feeling a girl in an actual latex catsuit (my Christmas present from him was a made-to-measure catsuit from Libidex).

I love Iris in his suit and corset. I never thought I’d enjoy someone in latex, but he is so damn hot in his. We joke that his butt in rubber is what got us where we are – the first flirty comment I ever made to him was that his butt looked good in rubber. This was before I had even considered wearing latex or a mask, back when I still thought it was kind of weird, but I was certainly honest in my compliment to him. He has an amazing ass.

It was four days of pure awesome, and something I needed. Being a newly divorced single mom to a child with learning disabilities and developmental delays, with a dick for an ex, and making sure a multi-million dollar company stays in business brings on more than it’s fair share of stress. That time with Iris gave me time to decompress, to let him take care of me, and most of all, to surround myself with his love and submission. In short? Best vacation ever.


4 thoughts on “How sexy can men with corsets be?

  1. I love this, Femi. I’m on the other side, but can certainly relate to every word. (Also the part about being a single mom of a child with an LD and the need to de-stress.)

    Yes, I’m adding you to my blogs. And I’ll be back. XXOO


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