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Should a sub male dress up as a woman?

Although at the same time, or at least in line with things we’re not sure about in real life, i’m kinda more open to doing anal with you.  Not like “PLZ BUTTPOK ME” but like, i think you’d do it right.  or in a way that was less meh.  So, it’s kind of a confusing thing to have be okay again, but it’s no longer a “run away!” kind of topic when it involves you.
On the topic of anal, it’s one of those things that I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of. Receiving I liked, but with the state of my digestive system now, it’s not really safe for me to do. When I was on the giving end, it was with my ex, and it was his idea. The first time he thought it was great, second time he decided he didn’t. I think he liked the feeling of it, but didn’t like how submissive it made him feel. So after that it was just the occasional finger poke to send him over the edge (this was back when sex lasted longer than a commercial break). I’m curious though, do you say you’re more open to trying it with me because you want to, or because you think I want to?
It hasn’t been something I’ve enjoyed in the past as much, but I think it was much more of a partner thing vs the actual act.  I mean there were parts of the experience I really enjoyed (like the feel of the lube was just, rawr.  and face pressed into the bed felt very submissive/overwhelmed).  I think it just needed for lack of a better way of putting it, less fucking more “play.”  Not that I minded the feeling, just strictly getting poked was disappointing when I was hoping for something a little more involved.
So, basically it was something that appealed to me, but not enough to really be too upset that you didn’t seem interested in it.  But now that you do seem interested, and i know how good you can be, i’m certainly willing to see how it works.
And really, like i’d turn down a chance to feel submissive towards you.

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