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The collar

Still having some issues with Iris not communicating well with me. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that if he is going to be unavailable, that he tell me so, and provide the reason(s) why. I mean, if he says he will be working out, I expect him to be MIA for about two hours. If four hours go by and no word from him, I’m going to be annoyed when he finally calls or texts and it turns out his friend invited him to a movie, so he saw it then worked out. It’s not too hard to send one extra text to say “Hey, so change of plans, gonna watch a movie and then go work out now. I’ll talk to you in fourish hours.”

I provide him with the same courtesy. I let him know if I’m unavailable and for how long. I like hearing about his day, so since we are several states apart, I like when he sends me messages telling me what he’s up to. I get happy mental images of him doing happy things, especially since he spent the last year in Iraq. I want him to go out and have fun. I just want to be told when that is going to happen.

On a happy note: The guy I bought Iris’s collar from emailed me pictures of it tonight. I am so happy with how it turned out, and I can’t wait to lock it on Iris in just one week! So excited!



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