Femdom life

Buying stuff as a couple

While we can’t actually go to a store and shop together on any sort of regular basis, most things kink/adult-oriented are bought online anyway, so last night we went shopping together, and by together I meant we shared links on Messenger and decided on what Iris would purchase for us to use.

“Us” is a word we really like. It’s good to be an “us;” a “we;” a couple in every sense of the word. I never really felt like an “us” before, and I was even married for 9 years. Iris has never had a long-term, serious relationship, so he hasn’t really been part of an “us” before either. We love it though. It gives us those nice butterflies that fly around inside us and whisper “this feels good.”


So! Shopping. Our main goal was to find a straightjacket. Iris is very much into heavy bondage, and I like having him at my disposal, and what better way to achieve both than with a straightjacket. I didn’t care much for the institutional-looking ones, so after browsing a few sites, we settled on this one:


I like that it looks functional, but comfortable enough for extended-wear by Iris, and for me to cozy up next to him while he’s wearing it (casual bondage appeals to both of us, so it’s not unlikely for him to wear this while we curl up on the couch and watch a movie).

We also picked out a blindfold for the both of us to use, one with velcro so it will fit us both, and I think he may be purchasing an under-the-bed restraint system as well. Unlike me, he doesn’t have a headboard that restraints can be attached to, so that’s about the only way to keep him restrained on his bed.

Tonight, I’m buying his collar. I found a seller  that makes very nice leather locking collars. While Iris and I both have heavy rubber collars for use on him, we wanted one comfortable for daily wear. This one is thin leather, but locking with a d-ring in the front to attach a leash to. I’m very excited for this. I never thought I’d have someone to buy a collar for. Scratch that, I never thought I’d find someone that I could love this much, be so incredibly attracted to, who can fill me with butterflies during every conversation, and who accepts me for me. To him, I am not a bitch because I want control and expect obedience. He craves control, and wants so bad to please me. The collar is just a symbol of what we are, but a symbol that we both need.

I’m a very happy girl tonight.


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