Femdom and worship / Femdom life

10 days, 4 hours

That is roughly the amount of time I have to wait before I see Iris again. It will be exactly 4 months from the last time I saw him.
I remember exactly how he looked as he dropped me off at the airport. We were running late because I felt really sick, and kept making him pull over on the way to the airport. We didn’t have time for a long hug, or “I’ll miss you so much,” just a quick kiss and “I love you.” I was so sad to leave him there, but I had to get home, and he had to go back to Iraq. I’d just had the best weekend ever with someone I loved so much, and all I wanted was to crawl back into his arms again. I wanted to hear him call me “Ma’am” one more time. To kiss him while he knelt in front of me. To wake up next to him one more time.
10 more days until I can lock his collar on, and he will be mine, not just in words, but in every way that’s real. The collar isn’t necessary, it’s an object like any other, but the symbolism of it, the reminder that he is mine, is something we both want very much. And there will be so much kissing, hand holding, cuddling, video games, snarky comments, molesting (in and out of rubber), more kissing, burritos, awesome photos taken, additional cuddling, and anything else we can fit into four days. We have nothing planned, no place to be, no one to see. Just me and him, a Domme and her boy, and all the affection we can stand.

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